Hello and welcome to Reveal Scotland, an exciting new project launched by Artlink Central.  My name is Jamie Smith and I’ve been appointed as Reveal Scotland Co-ordinator.


What is Reveal Scotland?  In a nutshell, Reveal Scotland aims to create an artist-led network of disabled artists – visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, and all other art forms.  We believe a need exists in Scotland for better links between disabled artists: that disabled artists would benefit from meeting each other, sharing their experiences and accessing communal sources of information.  My job is therefore to identify leading disabled artists around Scotland with a focus on the Forth Valley, create a steering group of artists to direct the project in the way they feel would most benefit practising artists, and create a publication highlighting the achievements of outstanding disabled artists in Scotland.


What to expect?  I will be travelling around Scotland extensively throughout late 2010 and early 2011 to meet and interview a wide range of disabled artists working in all art forms.  I will keep a blog on the Artlink Central website (link) to keep everyone up-to-date with my findings.  New Myspace and Facebook pages will serve as a focal point for all parties interested and participating in Reveal Scotland, and will provide an invaluable link between artists working around Scotland.  A new web resource for disabled artists will provide crucial contact details for key people and organisations throughout the disability arts sector.  The steering group of leading disabled artists will meet and discuss what can best be achieved through Reveal Scotland to further the careers of disabled artists in Scotland and to better expose the exceptional work of disabled artists to the wider arts sector in Scotland.


How to get involved?  Reveal Scotland is all about YOU.  I need your help and input as disabled arts practitioners to better understand your needs and aspirations.  Please get in touch with any ideas you have as to what you would like to see achieved through the Reveal Scotland project.  Your input is crucial – this is a grassroots project designed to bring disabled artists together across Scotland and thus make their voice stronger through collaboration and the sharing of ideas.


Jamie Smith can be contacted at:

Artlink Central

Cowane Centre

Cowane Street




Tel: 01786 450 971

Mobile: 07730 523 008

Fax: 01786 465 958

Email: revealscotland@artlinkcentral.org