Artlink Central uses a range of tools and approaches to determine some of the impact we make across our work.



At the heart of our work is a commitment to making space for individual creative expression, building opportunities to reduce social isolation, enhance confidence and wellbeing. We put the individual front and centre of designing our programmes, setting their desired outcomes and supporting them  in evaluating the impact on their lives.

We use a range of self-reflective tools and creative processes to capture the impact of our work on the individual in their own words and against agreed outcomes that support models of recovery, throughcare and progression. We have expertise in supporting transitions and modelling personalised care through our creative participatory design processes.



Artink Central has a distinctive track record of leading and designing programmes for change within the public and third sector, using the arts and creativity as a tool for change, communication and learning, that delivers on personal and collective outcomes, coalescing typically through the creation of original art works and/or design outputs, that are the product of a shared vision, determined by place, people and partnerships.

We aim to produce opportunities to work with talented professional and non-professional artists to create:

'accessible work of any kind that cares about, challenges, involves, and consults the audience for or with whom it was made, respecting community and environment'.

Lucy Lippard


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Artlink Central applies our extensive expertise to support more embedded partnerships with a range of public and education bodies, applying our processes to service and product design within healthcare particularly.

Artlink Central is in a unique situation through the close partnerships we forge to deliver our services in healthcare and social care settings, schools, prisons and community settings, of being able to design truly creative solutions for many of our clients’ needs. This also unlocks these partners' resources and opportunities to people who face barriers to accessing culture, heritage and social opportunity, widening access across each of these areas.

We have established formalised partnerships with organisations such as NHS Forth Valley, Scottish Prison Service, local authorities and with independent arts organisations and design agencies, were recently nominated for a Scottish Charity award for a 'perfect partnership'  with NHS Forth Valley, sited as a 'value of cultural partnerships' case study by Culture at King's College Cultural  and have built strong working relationships to contribute to current and future social research at the University of Stirling, whilst establishing a strong evidence base and research led approach to developing our own business.