Leaving a Legacy to Artlink Central

Making a Will

Having a Will in place gives you peace of mind that the people and causes that are dear to you are provided for in the event of your death. If you regularly donate money to a charity - and you are happy with how that charity is performing its charitable work - it makes sense to leave it money to assist it continue its work.

Many people think making a Will is expensive or only for wealthy people, but in fact this is far from the case. 

Without having a Will in place, your estate is distributed in accordance with the laws of intestacy. Contrary to popular belief this does not always reflect what you would want to happen to your belongings. We recommend that you get a solicitor involved, whether face to face, online, or via the telephone to help write or amend your will.

Remembering Artlink Central


After taking care of loved ones, many people opt to leave something in their Will to a charity or charities of their choice. It allows you to make sure the causes close to your heart benefit from your estate. This creates a fitting legacy as well as passing on tax advantages to the charity.

You may choose to include a legacy to Artlink Central at the time you make your Will or, if you have already made it, you might consider adding a codicil to provide for your bequest. Your bequest could take the form of a specified sum of money or a share of your residuary estate. Either way, because Artlink Central is a registered charity, your bequest will be free of inheritance tax. 

We realise that this is a big decision and one that you won’t take lightly.

Leaving a gift in your Will of any size will help us change the future for Central Scotland's most vulnerable. Artlink Central makes a real and lasting difference to the lives of so many – from children and young people with additional support needs to people experiencing dementia, those with mental health issues, offenders, those with learning disability... the list goes on. We deliver dozens of workshops and cultural events each year which attract around 1,000 attendances from our target communities.

Every gift left in a Will, no matter the size, is so important and we are grateful to everyone who chooses to support our work in this way. Gifts in wills are absolutely vital for us to continue our work now and in the future.


Please remember to include the charity's name, charity number and address (see below) when making your Will.

Final Fling

Preparing a will is just one of the steps we take as we prepare for death. There may be other matters we wish to consider. 

Final Fling is for people who like to be in control of life and death decisions. Know their options. Make choices. Leave instructions. Stay in charge. Right till the end. And meantime, live life to the full.

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