"The Way We Wear"

Artlink Central's current participatory arts programme with older people in hospitals ‘The way we wear’ is celebrating some skills of the ‘make do and mend’ post war generation of the 1940’s and 50’s and blending them with the upcycling skills of Artlink Central artists working through the current double dip recession. Workshops are currently taking place in five wards across Forth Valley with an artist team led by development artist, Chris Hilditch.


Some patients are hand sewing garments using original 1950’s patterns and enjoying the memories and chat of all the dressmaking done in the past by the patients for themselves and their children. Whilst others are up cycling charity shop footwear and creating felted fantasy shoes and boots. footwear.

‘Isn’t it nice to have your hands moving again?’  patient


In another ward, patients are making their own wool felt berets from start to finish and enjoying the social element of the busy group taking over the ward sitting room.


The golden age of cinema and some genuine movie props have inspired patients to recreate some iconic items of clothing, for example ruby slippers! And Ben Hurs sandals! And also to remember getting dressed up to go out to the ‘picture hoose’ on a Saturday night.


Patients in another ward are recycling glass bottles into decorative dressing table ornaments with a strong fifties influence and style.


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