Creative Autism: a stop motion residency with Scottish Autism

Earlier this week a group of individuals from  Art Opportunities  - a Scottish Autism service encouraging individuals on the autism spectrum to get involved in arts and craft based activities - enjoyed sharing new found knowledge and skills with a showing of a short film they had created as part of a wider project, “Nothing About Us Without Us” (to raise awareness of autism during April which is “Autism Awareness Month”) at New Struan School in Alloa.


The individuals (Alan, Christopher, Michael, Rachel and Stewart) and staff members have been learning about Stop Motion Animation with the help of artists Dawn Cullen and Jennifer Kilgour.  The animation they created is a couple of minutes long and ties in with their current work topic which is the 1960s  70's, and 80's. The animation captures the different activities the group enjoy doing whilst attending the service and some of the great artwork they have been working on.  


Kevin Harrison from Art Link Central spoke about the project and asked pupils what type of animations they like - Toy Story being the most popular - and what they have been learning about Stop Motion Animation.  Christopher (from Art Opportunities) then described how they made the short film: by taking photos of their artwork as it progresses and then putting all the shots together to give the impression of movement.  The film was then shown and everyone was very impressed what the group had achieved in just a few weeks. 


Michael from Art Opportunities said: "The project was good. I took pictures of flowers, put the flowers on the wall, we just stuck them on the wall and the vehicle.  We moved the lights and changed the shape — it was good. We did a puppet show, it was funny.  I like the flowers and the puppet show. My favourite part was the camera, taking pictures. I would like to do that again, yeh.”  The Art Opportunities staff team are looking forward to creating more Stop Motion Animations with those that attend the service, now that they have learnt the process.


"Nothing About Us Without Us” has been organised by Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils in partnership with NHS Forth Valley, Artlink Central, Enable and other Third Sector organisations.  The main exhibition will take place at the Tolbooth, Stirling, with other work exhibited at satellite venues across Stirling and Clackmannanshire from 2 April to 27 April 2015.

 For more information on Art Opportunities and Scottish Autism visit, or phone 01259 720044.  For more information on “Nothing About Us Without Us” follow Autism Forth Valley (Facebook &Twitter), #AutismFV.<

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