New Years' Honour for Carol Daphne Seymour, Artlink Central volunteer and trustee

Artlink Central are delighted to announce that Carol Seymour, who until very recently gave many years of voluntary service to support Artlink Central, both as a trustee from very early on in the charity's establishment, and as an ongoing community fundraiser, has been awarded a British Empire Medal in the Queen's New Year's Honours list 2016, as described in coverage by the Stirling Observer

Julia Donaldson, Patron of Artlink Central, with Carol Seymour, 'Queen of the Volunteers' and Director Kevin Harrison at the 25th Anniversary of Artlink Central.

Julia Donaldson, Patron of Artlink Central, with Carol Seymour, 'Queen of the Volunteers' and Director Kevin Harrison at the 25th Anniversary of Artlink Central.

Carol has been instrumental in so much of Artlink Central's charitable activity working very closely from early on with previous director Sarah Chester to build the organisation's resources and supporter base. Using her talents, dedication and fantastic organisational skills to build up a strong community of volunteers, Carol was key in supporting our biennual Art off the Rock charitable art auctions, many bridge lunches and social events raising money for the charity, developing our annual Green Gallery Christmas Fair fundraiser with Becky Walker from Buchlyvie and even opening her own garden up to the public through Scotlands Gardens scheme.

Prior to supporting Artlink Central, Carol supported Riding for the Disabled for 25 years, introducing donkey rides for disabled children and adults in Stirlingshire.

Carol, her husband Mark and family have supported Artlink Central over many years with greater impact than can ever be quanitified, bringing in a whole range of local supporters and donors, establishing new initiatives and energising Artlink Central's fundraising activity.

On behalf of Artlink Central's board and staff we'd like to congratulate her on the receipt of this wonderful and hugely deserved honour, which recognises not just her own efforts, but those of a whole community of people who have long supported and given to support disadvantaged people in Forth Valley to have the opportunity to express themselve creatively, improve their wellbeing and be recognised for their talents.

Perhaps the best way we can celebrate the contribution of Carol to our organisation is to share in the words of our Patron, Julia Donaldson, who with her husband Malcolm, performed the following original song to recognise Carol at Artlink Central's 25th anniversary celebration recently:

The Carol Seymour Song

By Julia Donaldson (to the tune of the Davy Crockett song)


Artlink Central does sterling work,

Not just in Stirling but from Larbert to Falkirk,

And there isn’t a single shred of doubt

That there’s someone they couldn’t have done it without.

(Chorus, coming after every verse)

Carol, Carol Seymour,

Queen of the volunteers

Little Carol Daphne’s life began

Near a golf course in wild East Lo-thi-an.

She was good, she was happy, but her life lacked spark

Till she went to the races with a feller named Mark.

Before she came to us she made bouquets for brides.

She’s organised hundreds of donkey rides.

She’s the pride of Scotland’s Garden Scheme

And makes thousands of scones with lashings of cream.

She mustered an army round her kitchen table

Making candle after candle and label after label

For the Christmas Fair at the Green Gallery

With only a thank you for her salary.

Many were the sponsors who succumbed to Carol’s charms,

Many the acquaintances with twisted arms,

Many were the folk who drooled and lusted

For her famous sausages with honey and mustard.

Now Carol had a bodkin that was legendary.

It was sharp and stout as a bodkin should be.

It stitched up the Christmas turkey cock

And the screens of postcards for Art Off the Rock.

Carol, we’re gonna miss your friendly face

And all the scraps of paper for the data base.

Our hearts grew warm at the sight of you

Brandishing a newly dead pheasant or two.

For nearly twenty years she’s played a trusty part,

Presiding over Bridge and procuring art

But now she’s handing over those risky chores

While she spends more time with the Labradors.