Call for Artist: film and sound project with adults with learning disabilities

We will be delivering an arts programme of 16 session’s duration in NHS Forth Valley - Lochview ward in 2013-2014 and are looking for proposals from programme artists. Your skill set should include filming and sound recording.

We would encourage thoughtful proposals of innovative, contemporary arts workshops rooted in film designed to engage with patients with complex and profound needs in a residential setting.

This programme should be informed by patients recent experiences gained from ‘Abrupt Encounters’, outlined below:

Abrupt Encounters produced by Artlink Central, created completely new opportunities for adults with learning disabilities in Forth Valley to access, participate in and devise live arts experiences as part of the Year of Creative Scotland 2012 within the First in A Lifetime programme. This participatory arts programme resulted in new work in public spaces, with participants and live arts practitioners collaborating to create inclusive and  challenging work that was highly visible and which was completely unexpected by the audience. The work took place in public spaces in Central Scotland including Stirling Castle, the Changing Rooms and Stirling Old Town Jail.

The project developed into site specific work in the grounds and environs of Forth Valley Royal Hospital, working directly with a group of Lochview patients with complex and profound needs. Two performance artists worked in Lochview wards for four Wednesdays in February, familiarising patients with the ideas around live arts. From the 4th to the 8th of March this year patients were supported by NHS staff and the forestry commission ranger to visit a yurt set in the nearby woodland. In this completely new environment two artists created and facilitated unique, creative and engaging experiences for the residents of Lochview. Throughout the week they explored the ideas of journeys and paths, using the surrounding woodland as inspiration. Focussing on tactile and sensory materials such as fabrics, cellophane, string, sound and film the patients created their own journeys that could be experienced by other participants, staff and the public.

Many of the patients, who enjoyed their time in the yurt and walking in the woodland, rarely leave the Lochview buildings. The positive impact of this taste of independence was widely felt by all involved and manifested itself in increased verbalisation, decision making, listening and sharing of time, experience and materials.


The projects will run in Lochview Ward,Larbert, working with a maximum of 5 patients at any one time. There will be a high ratio of NHS Forth Valley staff support in this setting.

Project proposals should empower and engage people through participation in the arts to express and describe themselves and to give them opportunities to realise their potential and explore self-expression through sound and film.

Working in small groups and/or designated one to one sessions you should create opportunities and productive environments for patients with complex and profound needs to be part of the process of creating short self- reflective films and ensure that all creative decisions are made by the patients. Some patients are non-verbal; this will be challenging and will require careful planning and allocation of the contact time available with the participants.  Where it is appropriate patients should be encouraged to use equipment and be involved in processes.

The work must be valid and meaningful to the participant.

The themes could include:

·         Favourite places or walks, there is potential to work again with the Forestry Commission Ranger to support participant exploration of NHS Forth Valley woodland with Lochview staff support.  

·         A table top installation of meaningful items and the stories behind them.

·         Documenting relationships with friends and families, special people in their lives.

·         A recording of spoken words, a soundscape of nature or of the patients own environment.

We will be looking for a strong understanding of people with complex and profound needs in all proposals tendered and evidence of a flexible and thoughtful approach. We expect that projects will have exhibition quality outcomes.

Project aims:

  • Increased and      diversified communication and person-centred approaches to working
  • Increased      participation, decision-making and involvement of residents
  • Increased access      to creative and social opportunities in the community
  • Enhanced and      personalised participants’ environment

You will be working closely with and reporting directly to Artistic Programmer, Sarah Pearson throughout your project.

You will be paid £75 inclusive of travel per session.

The project has a £300 materials budget and an additional 12 hours prep/meeting time for the programme artists @£10 per hour.

There is a £900 fee for editing.

Due to funding restrictions there is no flexibility on the budget.

The successful artist is also expected to:

·         Attend meetings with Artistic Programmer and designated NHS staff from wards

·         Liaise with hospital staff to engage them on projects and ensure that we adhere to information governance protocol

·         Document projects fully. e.g. Monitoring forms, Evaluations, consent forms, use of photographs, video, sound bites

·         Assist in curation/preparation of work if required for Artlink Central exhibitions / sharings

·         Provide a written report post project evidencing the impacts and outcomes of your programme

·         Have PVG scheme membership

If you are interested in this post please submit your proposal before 5.00pm  

Monday 12th of August 2013.  If you prefer to deliver a non- written proposal please contact us.

We will then contact you with our decision.

Download a pdf of this opportunity by clicking this link

Sarah Pearson, Artistic Programmer for Learning Disability Tel - 01786 450971