Fatface Stirling staff and customers raise money for arts and wellbeing

Artlink Central, a local charity supporting arts opportunities for children and adults with disabilities, including people living with dementia or experiencing mental health issues, has benefitted from local fundraising efforts of staff at the Fatface store in The Thistles, Stirling.

Staff took part in a ‘Thanks for Giving’ campaign focused on Black Friday and have adopted Artlink Central as their charity of choice, raising a total of £532.50 through the company initiative, displaying information and artwork by Artlink Central and also collecting additional donations on an ongoing basis.

The ‘Thanks for Giving’ campaign has become a big national success for Fatface: “We’re incredibly proud to announce a total donation of £200,000 to local charities around the UK.As part of the FatFace initiative for Black Friday, we turned an event traditionally about discounting into something more positive. Between Thursday 26th and Monday 30th November 2015, FatFace donated 10% of their net profits to the Foundation, really making difference to the communities we trade in.”

Artlink Central has benefitted from support from Fatface Stirling and the Thistles Stirling team offering support to the arts charity in recent months.

Artlink Central has benefitted from support from Fatface Stirling and the Thistles Stirling team offering support to the arts charity in recent months.

Artlink Central were delighted to be selected by staff at the local branch as the focus for their efforts, and it is not the first time the charity has had support from retailers at The Thistles, Stirling. Previously Artlink was local charity for Marks & Spencers and has also worked with the The Thistles management and ice cream architecture to create a ‘Mall of Wellbeing’ for the Festival of Architecture and Design 2016, working overnight with local emerging and disabled artists and designers to takeover a section of the centre for several weeks.


Director of Artlink Central, Kevin Harrison said:

“It was brilliant to have the support of Fatface at a time when Artlink Central needs the support of local people and businesses more than ever. We were excited to meet the Fatface team, especially who have been incredibly enthusiastic.They were very open to ideas, creative and we were so pleased to receive their support which will go towards artists working with vulnerable people supporting their wellbeing and encouraging their creativity.”

 Store Manager, Hannah Dickson said:

“Myself and some of my crew members have had experience in our families of both mental health issues and dementia and we are keen to support Artlink Central. A few of us also have an arty background so you guys were our obvious choice!”

 Hannah Dickson and Ruth Bradley from Fatface Stirling did the honours of handing a cheque to Director, Kevin Harrison and Artlink volunteer Eleanor Summers, with Thistles Stirling Staff this week. The charity and retail team plan to continue to work together in the future and



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Notes to Editors
Artlink Central
Artlink Central is a charity and social enterprise that specialises in designing creative experiences in conjunction with artists, public bodies and led by disadvantaged or marginalised people particularly in health, social care and justice contexts. It operates within a wide range of institutional and community-based settings (from care homes to prisons) and across art forms, working closely with artists, statutory and voluntary sector and the people who access its programmes.  For further information see: www.artlinkcentral.org